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What do our experts offer ?

Being aware that the presence on the net is increasingly essential to reach the largest possible number of customers, any entrepreneur or start-up must seriously think about having a website, a mobile application, or a digital marketing campaign.
Sites Web & Apps mobiles
Our team of computer scientists, designers and developers at Digit-R (75) is passionate and masters all types of languages (Angular, Android, Swift, PHP, Java…) for the design and creation of: showcase websites, e-commerce websites, hybrid mobile applications, native mobile applications, etc.
Digital marketing
On PCs, tablets, smartphones… social networks are omnipresent.  So why not use them for professional purposes? Our digital marketers make sure they’re always up to date with the latest trends and offer you engaging campaigns to deliver your most relevant messages and build customer loyalty.
Visual identity
Creative, innovative and endowed with a new vision, our designers in Paris offer you graphic creations for the web and for paper that reflect your approach while focusing on the “TouchPoint” that remains in the memories of your prospects. Our Digit-R (75) experts offer you designs in Photoshop, Illustrator, CorrelDraw, Sketc, etc.
Responsive websites, highly relevant natural referencing, dedicated marketing campaigns, inbound marketing included… we are a team of qualified, trained and experienced professionals who put their knowledge at the service of your professional success!
It is more than just a lip service, a real human experience based on listening, transparency and availability!
Our digital communication agency in Paris proposes you several offers that make your life easier! Marketers and developers combine their knowledge to allow you to focus on your business while benefiting from prospect lists, keep in touch with your customers, send your offers quickly..


Content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, Prestashop, OpenCart… Programming languages such as PHP and JS with Node.js, React.js, Symphony, Yii, Laravel, Angular… Perfectly adapted mobile operating systems: IOS, Android… 


Do you have a preference for calm and discreet colours? Would you like to create an eye-catching logo that is not easily forgotten? Do you have a tendency to favour sober, classic or completely offbeat? Whatever your activity, our Digit-R web designers design graphic charters that perfectly match your business and bring real added value to your website or mobile application. 


Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Quizzes, video teasers… to help you increase your sales and your visibility on the net, our web marketer in Paris (75) offers several ideas for your digital campaigns. Indeed, our Digit-R team defines the best web marketing strategy that meets your objectives, while guaranteeing time saving, minimal cost and speed of propagation. We help you to be famous on the web, in just a few days.

Searching for notoriety and getting the best chance possible ,our team of experts will stand by at your side during the entire lifetime of your project!

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